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New! Automated Blogger Poster V 3.72 released

Packed with content spinner and Multi-blogging platform support

Do you want to publish free, keyword-rich content

to your Blogger & WordPress blogs automatically?


A New, Never Before Seen

Content-To-Blog Script!

The Automated Blogger Poster can update an unlimited number of Blogger, WordPress blogs, Drupal from ANY RSS Feed, Yahoo News, ClickBank Products etc,.
You can use it to build strong backlinks to your main site or to automate a huge number of blogs with AdSense and affiliate links.

rss to blogger

Now ... I know what you're thinking,
Can't I do this with WordPress and different plugins?
Yes, you can.

But, I will show you why Automated Blogger Poster is better than other solutions:

It's cheaper then WordPress!
    BloggerPoster is the first tool that is compatible to post upto 14 different types of blogging platfrom including Blogger, WordPress (Hosted, SelfHosted, MU), Drupal etc,

Save your time - It's faster
    With single installation of BloggerPoster you can add unlimited blogs and control from the single panel. Its possible to manage any number of Blogger blogs, WordPress blogs from the single panel!

Google prefer Blogger blogs than Wordpress !
   Quality Content is a Key after Panda Update! With BloggerPoster you can enhance the quality with Inbuilt Article Synonymizer and variety of Goodies to blend the post content as you like!


Automated Blogger Poster makes your Network Blog Building into a easy task.



  • New! Multi Blogging Platform Support Can even Post to almost all type of Blogging Platforms like Blogger, WordPress(Hosted, Self Hosted & MU), Drupal, Vox, TypePad, Windows LiveSpaces, Tumblr, Movable Type etc.,
  • You can add unlimited blog projects and RSS Feeds for each blog, under any blogging platform to AutoBlog.
  • Blogger Poster posts on your blog network automatically, however you have bunch of options to schedule it!
  • Ability to post full content blog posts from partial RSS feeds!
  • Capabilty to strip HTML tags from the blog posts [If you need only the text to be posted in your blog and not any hyperlinks thats possible]
  • Supports Image and Video Posting from YouTube with variety of Templates to Blend the post content!
  • Comes with an Inbuilt Rewriter to Synonymize Articles automatically with 45000 Inbuilt Synonmys, you even can add more. So no problems on Dup content!
  • Automatically submit your AutoBlog Bookmarks to OnlyWire with AutoBookMarker
  • Comes with Powerful Text to Hyperlink, Textlink Ninja feature!
  • Ability to add Random Custom HTML outputs at beginning and at end of every blog post.
  • Easier Link Building with Random Link Goodie!
  • Easily organize your AutoBlog Goodies with Categories!
  • Still if you have time you can Manually Blog with WYSIWYG Editior from the Panel and Post to any blog!
  • Ability to post randomly during each run to avoid content overload!
  • And even many more...

This System Will Run Itself 24/7 On AutoPilot !

Get Automated Blogger Poster Now!

 + Get Free Bonus :
Essential Guide For Building Automated Blog Networks

Basement Blog Network

Learn How to create your first blogger network in only 20 steps
using ONLY FREE Tools and Services

“Basement Blog Network”

By Collin Welles

This is a simple, step-by-step process that will result in a healthy, growing,
and automated blog network.

  • How to identify a profitable niche
  • How to collect keywords in that niche
  • How to identify the most profitable keywords
  • Where is the best place to place AdSense ads into your blog
  • How to find targeted content
  • The “White Hat” and “Black Hat” Content Strategies
  • And much much much more....

Is this Script Easy to Use?

You will receive a full step-by-step documentation on how to use it and install this script on your server. You just need 2 mins to upload and install it with Automatic Installer...
With the "Basement Blog Network" book that comes with this script, you will have everything you need to build and manage your blog networks!

NOTE: If you don't know how to install scripts yourself, I can do it for you - just contact me!

See the working Demo of the script here

You can have your own system up and running within minutes of your investment and be making money... TODAY!

What else will you need to use this script?

  • You need a hosting package [No probelm you can even use for free hosting or else any other] with PHP 5+ support.
  • Ability to use cron jobs [External croning is available for free at My Web Cron - that's all!

Almost every hosting company today has a package with all these [Even for Free...] features but if you need help to find hosting, contact me and I will help you find the best one for your needs.

Easy To Install Easy To Install Just like other script it's not a complicated one. Just upload the script and it will automatically install.
Quality Content Quality Content You get FULL ARTICLES to your blog, at least 300 words long from all your sources to update your blog every day.
Powerful Goodies Powerful Goodies Blend your post content with TextLink Ninga, Custom HTML, AutoBookmarker and many more goodies...
Works Automatically Works Automatically Once you install it, you don't need anything else to do.
Works Automatically One time payment With one time payment you will receive all future updates of the version for FREE.
Unlimited Usage License Unlimited Usage License With a Single Installation of Blogger Poster you can use it with any number of blogs.
Works Automatically Unique Content Blogger Poster comes with a Inbuilt Feature to rewrite artices automatically to feed unique contents to your blog continously.

Don't Wait!

Order Now And Within Minutes

Your Blogs Will Be Running On Autopilot!

automatic  bog  plugin

Claim your copy now for only

$127 $67!

This is an one time offer price reserved now.
Will be sold at $127 from 15th October 2017

Automated Blogger Poster

This is promo presale price and full price
will be $197 within couple of weeks.



P.S. Remember, there is no risk in this purchase. If you are unsatisfied in anyway, then I will give you a full refund of your fee.
If you face any difficulties - just mail me any time! So, Order Now to Download your Copy of Automated Blogger Poster immediately.

"My blogger blog is getting high quality, keyword rich unique content while a sleep."

I simply love this automated blogger poster.
I am being a Senior Most WebMaster here is the reason why love this Automated Blogger Poster.

While WordPress rules, Blogger is lot more easier, flexible and free. I have been blogging almost 6 years with WordPress and Blogger. With WordPress i have to face a lot of fees for Hosting and Domains but on Blogger there is no such issue since it's completely Free, Flexible and Good for Newbiews too.

You don't need this script to post to your blog. You can do it manually, but this script makes the work too simple and yet Automated.

- We can set up unlimited number of RSS feed for each blog to get updated. So even if i am not online My blogger blogs get Updated easily ,so search Engines love them.

- We can create a number of custom headers and footers for each post. These are added at random. They help to make the content from RSS more unique and also help us to make more money. Even WordPress Plugin's Don't have such features.

- The script is also doing word substution in a excellent manner. It will replace words like "work" with the word "job" and so on. This changes the posts from RSS feeds more Unique as they can.

- There is also a feature to post links this makes me to use Affiliate Programs and others effectivley.

All in all, this script is a really good deal for anyone waiting to add more keyword rich, unique content and Making Money with Blogs. I suggest you that i am being a WebMaster and SEO Expert i have Never seen Such a Great Automated Tool for Blogger.

Now i a making $$$ with this Great Automated Tool and Blogger Blogs with Adsense and Many More.

Great Tool indeed. Thank you Balaji


Chris Nielsen

"Compared with all other tools, this is truly blogging on automation. I can finally sleep easy."

I am a user of ABP since its v1 release.

I simply love this automated blogger poster.
I am a newbie and this simple application suits my needs. Since Blogger is too simple and free to use when compared to wordpress.

I have Just Purchased this Script it does my Job too Easy compared to all other tools

It's ability to do article posting from any feeds at random timing and making the content Unique makes me amazing!. In 5 mins my site was up and ready to post with this great tool. I use the ClickBank tool times based on google trends to make cash with it.
Compared with all other tools, this is truly blogging on automation. I can finally sleep easy.

Thank You Balaji


Blogging Begineer

"Blogger Poster is an excellent tool for beefing up Blogger Blogs. I'm impressed!."

WOW! Excellent tool for blogging automation!

I've been using the Blogger Poster with my Blogger blogs since its v1 release and now I have to say, I am blown away! This Script is too easy to install, easy to set up and easy to use! So much so, that even a newbie to blogs can have it up and running in no time flat.

I love the way the Blogger Poster allows me to drill down to exactly the type of content I'd like to pull for my blog. It lets me get relevant articles that really add to a positive experience for my blog visitors. This makes my readers happy (lots of fresh content), Google happy (active blog/relevant content) and it makes me happy (less work to get great results)!

Blogger Poster is an excellent tool for beefing up Blogger Blogs. I'm impressed!


Steve Harley
WebBlog Mag Network Owner

Download Automated Blogger Poster Now!

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