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Random Links
Last updated on January 13, 2016 with 8463 views

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Goodies Random Links

Random Link Goodie helps you in adding a Link at the bottom of the Post Content.

1. Add the Link Name here. The Text you enter here will be Hyperlinked by the URL you specify below.

2. Add the Link URL here. The URL you specify here will be used for hyperlinking with the above word.

You can add as many Links in a Single Category by Clicking on the Add New button. But note that only one will be selected in Random and will be added to your Post Content Footer.

In Simple Words, You're allowed to have any Number of Links under a Single Category but One will be picked off in Random by Blogger Poster and that Link will be added at the Footer of the Post content.

Let us take an example. say you have already added some ClickBank Affiliate Links in the Random Link Goodie first and you have added another Link which Points out to your blog in Random Link Goodie under the same category now. Out of this two, only one will be selected in random and added to your Post Content Footer.

Likewise you may even have 'N' number of Links under a single category but only one will be selected in Random and added at Footer of your Post Content.


1. You can use this to Show your Affiliate or Advert Links.

2. You can use this for your own Link Building purposes or even form a Link wheel if you need.

To Edit the codes or text just Edit or Alter the details you need and Press the Edit Button to Save the Changes and to delete a code or text from the list then just click Delete Button.

Please note that Blogger Poster V3 comes with Smart Edit Feature so you can Edit as many as Links in the List and just click any one of the Edit Button in the List to save all your Edited Data.

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