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TextLink Ninja
Last updated on January 13, 2016 with 9018 views

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TextLink Ninga

TextLink Ninja is the most powerful goodie helps you in converting the Keyword into Money Making Links.

The Keyword with appropriate URL you specified here will be automatically parsed into the Post content to convert that keyword into Money Making Keyword. This Goodie will search the Post content body for the Keyword you specified and replace that keyword as a hyperlink by the URL you specified!

It is extremely helpful for spreading your affiliate's links and building your own empire and boosting your Online Profits too!

1. Add the Keyword here. It will be Hyperlinked by the URL you specified below.

2. Add the Target URL here. The URL you specify here will be hyperlinked with the above word in the Post Content (Article Body).

Please note the Keyword you enter here is Case In Sensitive. So the keyword "Google" is equal "google" or "gooGle" here. But note that "Google" is not equal to "-Google" or "*Google" or "^Google" or "(Google)" or "Google-"

You can add as many as Keyword and URL in the List by Clicking on the Add New button. All the Keyword in that Category will be searched in the Post Content and will be Hyperlink to the Targets URL you specified.


1. You can use this to link your Affiliate Links or Advert Links.

2. You can use this for your own Link Building purposes or even form a Link wheel if you need.

3. You can definitely boost you affiliate income with this.

To Edit the TextLink (Links and Keyword) just Edit or Alter the details you need and Press the Edit Button to Save the Changes and to delete a TextLink from the list then just click Delete Button.

Please note that Blogger Poster V3 comes with Smart Edit Feature so you can Edit as many as TextLinks in the List and just click any one of the Edit Button in the List to save all your Edited Data.

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