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Automated Blogger Poster - Documentation

Clickbank Products
Last updated on January 13, 2016 with 719 views

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ClickBank Poster fetches the ClickBank Products based on the Keyword you provided from ClickBank Market Place.

Adding a New Blog

1. A suitable Keyword should be entered here. This Keyword will be used to search in the ClickBank Market Place and will be Fetched and Posted to your AutoBlog.

2. Number of Posts to be posted during Each Time when the Cron Job runs or when the Submit or Publish Button is clicked.

3. Target Mail Address of the Blog. Please go here to learn about Target Mail Address

4. Enter Category Name here. Note that Category Name is Case Sensitive

5. This for Filtering the Products based on ClickBank Category. If you need the Product to be from Specific Category alone then you can use this Option.

6. Your ClickBank Affiliate ID.

After adding all the details in the Relevant Fields click the Add New button to add your Blog to the Blog List in the Misc Manager

Edit or Delete a Blog

Here you can Edit or Delete your Blogs in the Single Click without any Navigation to Other pages.

7. It denotes ClickBank Market Place Search Term (Keyword) of the Blog

8. It denotes the Number of Posts to be Posted

9. It denotes the Target Address

10. It denotes the Category for that Blog

11. It denotes the ClickBank Category you used while adding the Blog

12. It denotes your ClickBank Affiliate ID

To Edit the Blog Details just Edit the details you need and Press the Edit Button to Save the Changes and to delete a blog from the list please click Delete to Delete Button.

Please note that Blogger Poster V3 comes with Smart Edit Feature so you can Edit as many as Blog in the List and just click any one of the Edit Button in Blog List to save all your Edited Data.

To Manually Test the Configuration Just Press the Submit Button.

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