Categories Explained

Categories in BloggerPoster are referred more often. It's a Term used in BloggerPoster to organize or categorize or often to divide the Goodies for effective use in BloggerPoster. These Goodies include Custom HTML, Random Links and TextLink Ninga.

What's the Need?

A Single Blogger Poster Installation can handle your 100's of Blogs in a Panel. Mostly the Blog's won't be of some niche or focused for the same purpose. Let we say that you have a Blog which is dedicated to Health Niche in which the Common Headers and Footers you use in the Custom HTML Goodie consists of Banner Codes related to Insurance. At instance if you have another blog which might be of different niche say, VoIP here the Common Headers and Footers you use in Custom HTML Goodie will consist of Affiliate Banner Codes for a VoIP Company and so as your list goes. Here the Blogs are of different niches each having their own specific advertisements.

Likewise for the Random Link Goodie the Link appears in Random at the bottom of the Post Content should be of related to Health in a Health Blog likewise, for a VoIP company in a VoIP Blog.

And in TextLink Ninga Goodie say the Keyword, "Loss" in the post content should be Hyperlinked to your Affiliate link which deals with Weight Loss in a Health Based Niche Blog wherever in the VoIP Blog the keyword "Loss" must be Hyperlinked to a VoIP Company which avoids Voice Quality Loss and so on.

To avoid confusions while working with BloggerPoster and for more effective usage we have created this Categories system.

How can I Use it?

Take the two examples I said above the Health Niche and VoIP Niche. You might have a Blog dealing with a Health Niche and VoIP Niche.

First you need to do is Create a New Category by navigating to Options and to Common Options.


Create two categories named Health and VoIP.

Now when you navigate back to Goodies, might be to Custom HTML or Random Links or TextLink Ninga you will see their couple of Changes, two new sections named Heath and VoIP will be added to the List.

Custom HTML


Now you can add your own Custom HTML, Random Links and TextLinks in Goodies and use those categories while adding your Blog in BloggerPoster.

TextLink NingaRandom Links


Let say we have added banner codes for Health Blog in Custom HTML Goodie under the Name of Category, Health

Now if you use that Category name, Health while adding the Blog which deals with the Health Niche you will see that the Banner Codes you added in the Custom HTML Health category will be parsed and shown its HTML Output in Post Contents Top and Bottom while the Contents are posted, likewise the Random Link which will appear at the bottom of the post content will also be from Category Health and for TextLink Ninga too.

Adding a Blog

Similarly if you have VoIP blog and if you have added the VoIP banner codes in Custom HTML Goodie or some Custom Text there, and if you have used VoIP as category while adding your VoIP blog you will get the Custom HTML Codes output (Parsed) from the VoIP Category similarly the Random Link appearing at the bottom of the post will also be from VoIP Category which you have added in the Random Link Goodie also the Keywords which are going to be Hyperlinked in the Post Content will be only picked from VoIP Category in TextLink Ninga Goodie here.


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