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Quick Start Guide
Last updated on January 13, 2016 with 1552 views

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BloggerPoster comes with a Simple navigation Menu which is user friendly and quite easy to access all the parts of the Automated Blogger Poster Control Panel!

ABP's Control panel consists of Five Core Parts Plus an Welcome Page. The Home Part Just shows you the latest Updates from the Administrator and Developer's Desk!


Managers to Manage Everything

BloggerPoster is Pre-Loaded with Five Managers, who will virtually assist you to manage all the Blog in the Automated Blogger Poster Administration panel

Navigation Bar

Blogger Manager helps you to manage all the Blogger Blogs in the ABP Panel. It helps you to Add, Edit and Delete a Blogger Blog within the Same Page

WordPress Manger helps you to manage all your SelfHosted and Multiuser WordPress Blogs in ABP Panel. It can help you to Add, Edit and Delete WordPress Blogs.

Miscellaneous Manager helps you to manage all other blogs which are on blogging platforms other that Blogger and WordPtess such as Hosted WordPress, Tumblr, TypePad, Drupal etc., It provides access to Add, Edit and Delete Blogs in the ABP Panel.

Goodies Manager helps you to manage all the preloaded goodies including AutoBookmarker and TextLink Ninja.

Settings Manager helps to manage all the settings that necessary for Auto Blogging with Blogger Poster.

All the Managers are further loaded with Modules. Modules helps you to get the contents from various sources. All the Modules in BloggerPoster is so simple to use with a Directive help text available in the respective pages of the ABP Panel. The common modules come with a standard package of BloggerPoster are explained in brief below and detailed explanation regarding all the modules are explained in the respective pages!


Modules to Get Contents


BloggerPoster is driven by a number of Modules to get the contents from the sources you specified. All the modules in BloggerPoster are Inbuilt with Duplicate Post Detection Technology which helps you to prevent from Posting Duplicate Posts to the same blog!

RSS Module takes the content and title from the source RSS/XML/Atom Feed URL you Specify and Post to your Blogs using certain parameters you specified. To know how to get the full text RSS content from Partial RSS feeds please Refer the Appropriate sections!

Yahoo News Module takes content from the Yahoo News RSS and post contents to your blogs! All the contents posted here are full text content! You just need to specify the Keyword you like to get and your blog details.

ClickBank Module helps you in posting click bank affiliate products to your blog on the basis of keyword you specified. This module helps you to earn extra income from clickbank with the normal post contents to your blog. You just need to specify the keyword with an optional category based filtering section and your blog details to get your product posted to your blog.

YouTube Module helps you to Post YouTube Videos automatically to your blog on the basis of keyword you specified. It is a powerful module to start a video blog network with ease! Just specify the keyword with a set of optional parameter and your blog details. Based on the keyword and other parameters you specified you will be get delivered with YouTube Videos directly as a Post to your blog! Note this Module is Template driven if you need you can customize as you need!

Human Posting Module helps you to have a fine blend to your AutoBlog. If you like to spend a little bit time for your AutoBlog's to have a real mix of AutoBlogging and HandMade Posting then this will help! This module eliminates the need for logging into AutoBlog Administration panel to post a Hand Written Content. This module helps you to give a mix of handwritten posts with autoblogged Posts to your Blogs and make to look great. This Modules is Powered by the World's Most Powerful WYSIWYG Editor with a load of plug-in's built for it (I hope you won't get that even in your WP DashBoard) to make your Handwritten Posts get Published in your Blogs Simpler with a great level of customization including spell checkers and content templates!


Goodies to Customize your Post Content

Goodies are highly useful to customize post content to your auto blogs. Generally the Goodies are categorized under a name called Category. They are Discussed Further in Detail here.

Custom HTML Goodie helps you to automatically insert HTML codes (Might be Banner from Adverts or affiliate promotions) to your Automated Post Contents. The HTML codes you entered here in the respective couple of fields, will help you to insert then respective HTML Codes (parsed and executed HTML output) at the Top and Bottom of each Post.

Random Link Goodie helps you to add affiliate links in the Posts. If you have a number of links then a link will be chosen randomly and added at the bottom of the Post content! You just need to add the Link URL and a Link Name to work!

TextLink Ninja is the most powerful goodie of all the above! The Keyword with appropriate URL you specified here will be automatically parsed into the Post content to convert that keyword into Money Making Keyword. This Goodie will search the Post content body for the Keyword you specified and replace that keyword as a hyperlink by the URL you specified! It is extremely helpful for spreading your affiliate's links and building your own online empire!

In simple words, the Keyword you specified will be searched in the Post Content Body while AutoBlogging and if it matches then that keyword will be turned as a HyperLink by the respective URL you have defined for that Keyword!

AutoBookmark is an another extremely powerful goodie. You just need to have an Active OnlyWire account (Free or Paid) . You need to specify the Feed URL you to like to BookMark and your OnlyWire Login Credentials. Whenever the AutoBookmarker is executed it takes the latest Post Title and Post Content from the Feed (No Worries its Inbuilt with Duplicate Submission Detection Technology) and Submits Automatically to Only Wire! You can specify as many as RSS Feed URL here and it can hold a maximum of 5 OnlyWire Account in a Single ABP Administration Panel.


Settings for Blogger Poster Bot

Settings entered here are taken by Blogger Poster Bot as the Master Parameters while AutoBlogging!

Common Options contains a set of options which are quite commonly used to control the Auto Posting activities! Settings entered here are global throughout the panel

Blog Update Percentage in common options panel helps you to control the Probability of Posting activity. Let's say you have Ten BlogSpot Blogs in the RSS Module of the Blogger Manager. When you set this as 50 (don't add % symbol) then five Blogspot Blogs will be selected randomly and updated from the list of ten. Similarly, if you have two Wordpress Blogs in ClickBank Module of Wordpress Manager then only one blog will be updated from that list of two.

Synonymizing Percentage helps you to rewrite (Synonymize) the Post content. It replaces the word with appropriate synonym's available in the synodb.php to make your post content unique. It also based on the Percentage of Synonymizing. Suppose if you have set the Synonymizing Percentage as 50 (don't add % symbol) the each alternative word will be replaced with a appropriate synonym if available in the synodb.php file. The file is currently loaded with 17,000 Synonyms at Present.

Let's take a typical sentence "I live in my home" so now let us assume that we have chosen 65 (don't need to add %) as Synonymizing Percentage then it will be rewritten as "I Reside in my Home" or "I bide in my appartment" or "I bide in my home" or "I stay in my home" and so on!

Include Tags helps you to filter away the unwanted HTML Tags from the post contents. Only the HTML Tags you specified here will stay in the Post Contents. Suppose let we say you have entered the following tags in the include tags option


In the above all the tags appear in the posts contents will be untouched by BloggerPoster Bot but other than that say, <iframe>,<script>,<h4>,<div> etc., will be removed from the post contents automatically while processing. This will be helpful in certain cases where Bloggers Embed a JavaScripts or a hidden iframes to track their content. Though it's a optional setting it will be helpful in certain cases said above.

Note that BloggerPoster Bot is already built with a smart sensing technology called iTrackSense such that if a image appears in 1px * 1px in a plain color then it will automatically remove that from post contents. Since those images will be mostly used for tracking the contents!

Email Address is another optional setting which acts like proxy. Let's say that you're going to post contents to blogging platforms which have a Post via Mail or Blog via Mail Feature sometimes they accept the posts only if they come from certain email address for security. So for such purposes you can use that particular Mail address here so they appear that they are coming from the mailing address specified.

It also makes your Blogger Blogs to stay from the eyes of Blogger and making that the Posts made are real. For this, I recommend you to create a separate email account and use here.

In simple words the email address you specify here will be the From Address for the recipient.

To Mail


Add a Category helps you in adding a new category within the BloggerPoster. It's similar to tagging or way for organizing the certain goodies. It's well explained here!

Delete a Category helps you in deleting a category which is no more needed!


Template Editor to twist your Content

Basically YouTube module in the Blogger Poster is Template driven. There are Three Templates available in default you can customize them from list of tags available as per you need. Templates help you in organizing the appearance of Post Contents to your Blog.

YouTube Template

Cleaner Bot helps you to optimize the Blogger Poster Directory. Basically Blogger Poster does not use any Databases from Logging to Posting. So you don't need any Databases to run BloggerPoster. But BloggerPoster uses Couple of Sub Directories in to store and retrieve data from Text Files, CSV and XML files. This Cleaner Bot will help you in Optimizing and Cleaning those data's.  :)




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