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Automated Blogger Poster - Documentation

What can i do with it?
Last updated on February 4, 2015 with 932 views

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Google loves fresh content With the Power of Blogger Poster you can do lot more!

Blogger Poster makes you to get Full text Content (with the help of iText, an feature of Blogger Poster) from RSS Feeds, Yahoo news (Hot Cakes for you with Google Trends) and other sources and allows you the constantly update your blogs with load of contents gather by it!

You can start your own AutoBlog Network with Blogger Poster and make money with Affiliate and Ad Networks

Note: I have also included a couple of ebooks, named "Essential Guide For Building Automated Blog Networks" and "How I Make Money with AutoBlogs!" with this Package it will teach you a lot regarding earning with BloggerPoster and your Blogs  through a Number of ways and as a bonus we have Dedicated Forum for the Discussion of Making Money with AutoBlogs and Affiliate networks!

Now Blogger poster allows you to start your own Video Blog Network, based on the Keyword you specify and allows you to post Videos from YouTube in couple of minutes! You can start a bunch of blogs with it based on celebrity keywords or movies or whatever you want!

You can also adopt a Link Wheel Strategy to bring traffic to your own Niche Blogs with Blogger Poster!

With Blogger Poster you're not going to spend more than a hour for Automated Profits with 100 Blogs!

The Most Powerful feature of Blogger Poster is that it does not require you after the initial setup of it (though you're there only for monetizing your revenue) once you have added your Blogs and Sources in Blogger Poster then it will do the job for you without and need! The inbuilt BloggerPoster Bot does all job for you as you specified!

Also the Most another important feature is it is inbuilt with a Synonymizer instead of a Rewriter. When we come to word rewriter sometimes it makes the content unreadable by spinning that and losing profits but the inbuilt Blogger Posters iSynomize dopes the Job well with its inbuilt list of 17000 synonyms to all common words!

So this make your Post more Readable instead of a gibberish text and make content unique than other. in turn makes higher search engine rankings. If you're using other language than English we also have custom synonym files for it!

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