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What is Bloggerposter?
Last updated on April 6, 2016 with 1356 views

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Well as from the name can grasp that, Blogger Poster is an Auto Blogging Software Dedicated to a number of Blogging Platforms especially for Blogger and WordPress (includes Self Hosted & Multi User versions)

Initially Blogger Poster was created to Post contents to Blogs but as Per the User requests we have also now expanded its Reach to WordPress Blogs and to a number of Blogging Platforms like TypePad, Tumblr, Vox, Windows Live Spaces and Many More including the Drupal CMS System.

Also Blogger Poster now not only Post contents to your Blogs but also Posts other affiliate products from ClickBank (Amazon and CJ module is in Progress Now!) and even YouTube Videos.

Now Blogger Poster is also loaded with Goodies and a Template Editor which allows you to customize your Blog Post content as you like. With Blogger Poster you can play a lot more with your Blogs in many ways and we also accept the User Requests and try our best to integrate with our software! :)

The Best of us is our Software uses the Inbuilt Features available in the Blogging Platform instead of using API's. The Main advantage of using inbuilt features instead of API is they are more stable and tested. API's are suffered due to quite frequent revision so this may cause failure in Auto Blogging at times and getting conditions worse!

Also another Vital Strength of our software is, it does not require any databases (MySQL or whatever) to run. Since our software is designed to run without Databases to minimize the cost.

Still one question should be answered, right? Yep, Myth of Duplicate Content, I am not going to convince you on this case. But there is also solution in Blogger Poster for this. Blogger Poster has Inbuilt Synonymizer which loaded with 17000 Synonym's for commonly used words. We have used Synonymizer instead of Rewriter because it makes the content pretty readable instead of spinning and making unreadable or grammatical errors. Also BloggerPoster has the Power to add your own Unique Headers and Footers to the Post Contents. Some sentences which are quite common in your blog niche can be used here to make the content more unique!

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